Monday, January 31, 2011

Recent Grads Create Their Own Jobs in Poor Job Market

The economy is starting to improve, but many Americans are still struggling to find jobs.   With the country’s unemployment rate at 9.8%, one group of people that is having difficulty finding work is recent college graduates.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate among people under 25 with bachelor’s degrees reached 9.6% in December. Many recent grads are also among the underemployed working at waiters, retail clerks, bartenders, customer service agents, and flight attendants. 

Frustrated with the economy and the poor job market, some recent grads are turning to entrepreneurship and starting their own businesses. One of these grads is Benjamin Shore.

Benjamin Shore graduated from the University of Maryland with Business degree last May. He started his Longevity nutrition company after three months of job searching and no luck. “I knew I had the skills, drive, ambition, and desire to succeed.  If no one could realize that and see that in me then I was going to work for myself,” said Shore.
While Ben has never been more excited about working, he has made many sacrifices to make his business succeed. Benjamin works 30 hours a week in call center to pay his bills.  When he’s not working at the call center, he is working on his business. Benjamin has also cut back on eating out and going to bars with friends. 

Benjamin encourages other young graduates to pursue their entrepreneurship dreams.  He suggested that recent grads learn all they can by reading books about their desired business and taking small business classes.  In order to succeed as an entrepreneur, Benjamin believes young grads should have a relentless drive to succeed, love challenges and competition, and thick skin to handle criticism. “You have to have vision and understand that people won’t understand it. You will receive social pressure to conform, but you have to stick to your vision.” 

For more information about Benjamin Shore’s Longevity Company visit and his blog

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