Monday, November 29, 2010

3 Reasons Why I Love LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great resource for networking and job searching. I recently fell in love with LinkedIn after discovering different features. These are my 3 favorite things about LinkedIn.

1. Make great connections.  One of the features that I love is the "People You May Know" feature. I have tracked down former co- workers and made multiple new connections. Before using this feature I had about 45 connections. Over the past month, my LinkedIn network has grown to over 100 people just by using this feature. I have connected with people who work at companies that I am interested in and people who work in my desired field.

 2. Find Recruiters and Human Resource Managers. Sometimes, I cannot find the right person to send my materials to when applying for a job. Some companies were also unwilling to give me the name of the right person. Doing a LinkedIn search helped me to find the right person. I then sent my materials directly to the recruiter. (Hint: Most people email address  is first name. For example. 

3. Find a Job. LinkedIn has its own job section. You can find jobs by using their advanced search feature  is the best way to search within the jobs section. Just type in your desired position and location. You can also use groups to look for jobs. Groups have job boards and some groups are dedicated to job seekers. For example,  Find Luxury Jobs.

LinkedIn may not lead you to a job right away, but the connections you make are priceless. If you are not on LinkedIn already, get on it! You are missing out on job opportunities and the chance to build relationships with people.